Oscars flashback 25 years: Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks both win for the 1st time while Whoopi Goldberg makes history

1994 Oscars Tom Hanks Holly Hunter

For this year’s Oscars ceremony on Sunday, “Black Panther” is the first motion picture based on a comic book to receive a nomination in the Best Picture category. “Roma” could very well become the first foreign-language film to win in that same category. And as the years go by, it’ll be difficult to remember that there was ever a time that these things weren’t part of the norm. Remember a time when Tom Hanks had never won an Oscar and was more well-known for his comedy roles? When people didn’t like to speak about AIDS, much less make a feature film about it? Or a time when the great Steven Spielberg had yet to hold the gold statue in his hand? And when a woman or an African-American person had never hosted the annual telecast solo? It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since all these events became part of our culture at the 1994 ceremony.